Combining a unique elegant exterior with a fabulous majestic interior, Amaleen restaurant became in the blink of an eye, a reference in the world of hospitality. Combining Multiple Cuisines from Lebanese to international and the largest Sushi Bar in Lebanon made Amaleen everybody’s elite destination. Its reputation for class and luxurious Sitting echoed around Lebanon.

Since Amaleen was Founded, it was a place that excels at authenticity, uniqueness and creativity .We always made sure that our “normal” is never less than perfection with new and out of the box ideas, while our references stay well rooted in the authenticity of our culture.

Amaleen special venues have been designed in a way that completely
reflects our vision of an amazing setting, of how and in which ambiance refined guests coming from many different backgrounds, all seeking a unique experience, should enjoy our exquisite food and distinguished atmosphere.

Our ingredients undergo rigorous research, where the best elements are sourced, examined and hand-selected to assure premium consistency in quality, taste and texture. All this to guarantee sustainable fineness and advanced delicacy.

We thought of Amaleen as a place where food becomes a common language bringing together all the very components that make our Lebanese cuisin internationally acclaimed, gathering under one roof surprisingly sophisticated recipes that take our guests on unique trips of taste overlooking all what Lebanon has best to offer.